40-floor towers in Noida by Supertech "illegal", must be demolished: Supreme Court

New Delhi: Supreme Court has ordered the demolition of twin 40-floor residential towers in Noida built by Supertech. The cost of demolition has to be borne by the developer. These towers have 900 flats. The Court has cited collusion as reason for demolition. The builder colluded with the authorities to violate the construction by–laws, the Court said in its order.

The home buyers who have already purchased flats in these towers must be refunded their money in two months. The demolition has to be concluded in three months. 

A bench comprising of Justice DY Chandrachud and Justice MR Shah said that the twin-towers were illegally constructed in collusion and through "unholy nexus" between Noida authorities and Supertech. 

The court said that there are repeated instances of collusion between builders and authorities. There is also complicity of Noida authorities and breach of building plans. “The High Court dealt with these issues and, correctly, concluded collusion between authorities and developers," Justice Chandrachud said referring to the 2014 judgement of the Allahabad Court High which had also ordered demolition.