Airtel Distributors hold company & consumers to ransom

New Delhi: Airtel Broadband customers are a harried lot as company’s distributors chose to go on a strike against Airtel for pressing their demand by disconnecting the internet of the consumers. In an ugly fight between Airtel and its unruly distributors, the consumers have been made to pay through their nose.

The incident happened on 16 August and 17 August 2021 when the consumers suffered an abrupt outage in their internet connection because the distributors of the company chose to disconnect the consumers’ connection in the midst of their fight with the company.   The consumers were left to call the company, through their IVR system which is a total pain in the neck to deal with, and also contact their respective distributors to know the cause of the outage and to ascertain by when they can get their connection back. 

The consumers did not get any proper reply from anywhere. They continued to call and write emails to the company but there was no proper response. It was only in the afternoon of 17th August that a company official told that there is a strike by the Airtel distributors for pressing their demands against the company.

It is not known why the distributors had to take this extreme step of disconnecting the connection of the consumers. It is not known either how many distributors were on strike and in which all cities. An email sent to Airtel corporate communications manager by asking for some clarification on the matter remains unanswered even after the passage of a reasonable time. The company did not even answer as what it is doing to improve the situation, giving rise to the doubt among the consumers that the problem of unruly distributors disconnecting the connection of the customers will persist for an unforeseeable future. 

This is not an isolated instance of Airtel’s broadband users facing connection problems. They have suffered this problem several times. They suffer outages 2-3 times in a month and they are left at the mercy of the company and its unprofessional distributors who try to deceive the consumers as much as possible.  Sometimes the outages last as long as one entire week without any recourse. 

The company had recently sent a message to some of its customers saying that their mobile connection has been disconnected. However, it turned out that the message was wrongly sent by the company. However, when the message was read by the consumers, they are awe-struck and confused for a fairly long duratns of time.