Bindu, Wife Of Rana Kapoor, And Her Long Trail Of Suspect Real Estate Companies

New Delhi: Bindu Kapoor, wife of Yes Bank Founder Rana Kapoor, is a director in 16 private companies and 12 of these are related to real estate construction. 

All the 16 companies are registered either in Delhi or in Maharashtra. Of these 16 companies, two companies Imagine Estate Pvt Ltd and Imagine Property Pvt Ltd are related to construction. There are 10 others that are related to real estate and renting, according to details accessed by 

The real estate and renting companies are Morgan Habitat Pvt Ltd, Imagibe Residence Pvt Ltd, RAB Enterprises Pvt Ltd, Bliss Home Pvt Ltd, Bliss House Pvt Ltd, Imagine Realty Pvt Ltd, Imagine Home Pvt Ltd, Imagine Habitat Pvt Ltd, Bliss Abode Pvt Ltd and Bliss Apartment Pvt Ltd.

It is RAB Enterprises which is among the companies that have been named in the FIR filed by Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) against Rana, Bindu and their daughters Roshni Kapoor, Raakhe Kapoor Tandon and Radha Kapoor Khanna for various charges like criminal conspiracy, bribery and cheating.

CBI has also filed cases of abetment of criminal misconduct and bribery against them.

Some of these 10 real estate companies are suspected to have acted as conduits for siphoning off funds by the Kapoor family and for receiving kickbacks for facilitating loans for others.

Housing finance company allegedly gave kickbacks to DOIT Urban Ventures (lndia) Pvt Ltd which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of RAB Enterprises. Bindu Kapoor is not only a director but also holds 100 percent equity in RAB Enterprises.

Roshni Kapoor, Rakhee Kapoor Tandon and Radha Kapoor are also 100 percent shareholders of DOIT Urban Ventures (lndia) Pvt Ltd through Morgan Credits Private Ltd. 

Rana Kapoor has three bungalows in Delhi only, all at posh localities.  

Bindu Kapoor was a director in another 24 companies that are no longer active.