Corona Impact On Infra: Govt Not To Collect Toll At Highways

New Delhi: The government will not collect toll at highways till the lockdown amid corona virus outbreak ends.

"In view of COVID-19, it has been ordered to temporarily suspend the collection of toll at all toll plazas across India," Road Transport and Highways Minister Nitin Gadkari said.

The move is aimed at lowering inconveniences for emergency services. Gadkari said that maintenance of roads and availability of emergency services at various toll plazas in the country would not be impacted in this period. 

The present situation of one of the largest lockdowns in the country ever may be treated as "Force Majeure" of concession or contract agreement, Gadkari said.

The governemnt collected Rs 9,187 crore from toll plazeas across the countyr in 2018-19 fiscal. The total revenue from toll-operate-transfer projects stood at Rs 9,681 crore for the government.