Despite pandemic, Incuspaze plans big expansion across country; 5 lakh sq ft lined up in Gujarat

New Delhi: Despite corona pandemic blurring the prospects of flexible office businesses, Incuspaze is planning a big play in the space with half a dozen new centres lined up in the country in the next few months. The company is looking to add 5 lakh square feet shared office space under its belt by the end of 2021 in Gujarat. It has just launched the 50,000 square feet centre in Vadodara. 

The company will start two centres in Trivandrum and Kochi and another three in Delhi NCR by the end of this month itself. Three here shared offices in Delhi NCR will be spread across 2 lakh square feet in total, the company said in a statement.

“We are discussing with several asset owners for further expansion in Ahmedabad and Vadodara. We are actively looking for opportunities in other Gujarat cities like Rajkot and Surat,"  said Sanjay Chatrath-Managing Partner, Incuspaze.

With operations in various Indian cities, Incuspaze plans to leverage the costs and flexibilities to reduce operational costs by 30-40 percent, said Chatrath. 

The company has shared offices in 10 cities presently. 

The Vadodara centre has been launched by Incuspaze together with Alembic Group.