Driving Operational Excellence In Property Mgmt Digitally-GS Tyagi-Colliers India 

BY--GS Tyagi, Senior Director, Real Estate Management Services (North India) at Colliers India

Digital innovations invade all spheres of modern life at a rapid pace and the speed is just gaining momentum; property management is not an exception.

Property management is the imminent focus of the rejuvenation within digitalisation trends. The property management software technology delivers a magnitude of profitability, as well as fosters the efficiency in everyday tasks while allowing employees to hone their skills in other areas.

The real estate market has undergone a paradigm shift with advancements in technology. Here are some ways in which technological innovation and digitalisation at Colliers hasimproved operational efficiencyat project sites.


Electronic visitor management system record and monitor visitor information, which are commonly hosted on an iPad or a mobile. At Colliers, we offer an array ofVisitor Management System (VMS) to choose from. An electronic VMS overcomesmost of the parametersw.r.t manual and conventional way of record management. Visitor ID can be checked against in-house databases for security purposes.


Electronic checklists are also being used to save time, paper. Electronic checklists in the form of automated workflows offers data analysis, checks and balances as well as extras like automatic notifications that make them outperform paper-based checklists.


Colliers has done strategic partnerships for parking solutions to provide mobile operated tracking system of vehicles in and out of premises. This helps to record data like entry time, exit time, vehicle number, owners name, etc. which results in swift, fast and secure movement of resident’s cars.


AQI is being monitored through a device at our sites to check real time air pollution level of PM 2.5, PM10, temperature, humidity and noise.


Speedometers are used on Colliers sites to check the speed of a vehicle, usually combined with a device known as odometer that records the vehicle speed and generates challan for over-speeding automatically.

Speedy feedback system

Colliers has a software thatassists in collecting customer feedback, lead capturing, market research, inspection and audits and interactive kiosks. It provides graphical representation of all and individual responses collected for surveys.


Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) is a highly accurate system capable of reading vehicle number plates without human intervention through the use of high speed image capture with detection of characters within the images provided.After number detection, ANPR system sends details of vehicle to the security database and concerned vehicle owner simultaneously.The system can also be integrated with the boom barrier, which helps in the auto functioning of boom barriers. The ANPR system is an alternate option for RFID system, where no sticker such like RFID is pasted on the windshield of the vehicle.


Digitaltransformation brings together technology, processes and people to find innovative ways to solve business challenges.

One of the advantage of digitalisation is the ability to amalgamate data from internal and external sources into one integrated platform. The anticipation would be to generate more revenue, minimize expenditure and drive operational excellence. Digitalisation of property management processes definitely helps to disrupt the monotonous maintenance request process. The hours saved by automating the property could add up to an enormous productivity gain for the property management firm and clients.


The first daunting obstacle of process automation would be with optimizing the most adequate solution for client’s specific needs. Each property and facility is unique which demands customised solution to their needs, hence there is no one- fits – all solution that will uniformly get applied acrossreal estate portfolio. 

So, the real question is whether to implement a single platform that offers several solutions, multiple platforms that provide specific services or develop custom solutions that fits all business needs at once.

Digital transformation is not so straightforward. Organisations have to be careful to not end up with a bunch of disjointed systems that do not provide the expected return on investment. It is important to approach digital transformation and technology investments with a problem solving perspective. One needs to start by identifying the problems clients and then adopt a technology to fit property management development needs.

The race is on to implement the cutting edge property management technology in this fierce competition. Cutting above the competition in new and innovative ways, property management firms embracing digital transformation will be able to stand apart from those who don’t leverage technology and automation for property management services.