Flexible office operators form their own association

New Delhi: The flexible office operators in the country have formed their own association to voice their concerns and lobby for their rights and priveleges with the government. 

Indian Workspace Association (IWA) has been formed and it represents about 40 co-working players in the country. The first and foremost task of the IWA will be to come up with protocols and systems for the flexible office providers in the country to address the current corona pandemic and also to plan for the post-corona world.

However, the larger aim of the IWA in the longer run would be to protect the rights of the co-working players and voice their concerns to the government and to other stakeholders.

IWA will be headed by a team comprising of 7 members of the co-working industry- Pranay Gupta - Cofounder, 91 Springboard, Yatin K. Thakur - Founder, CoworkIn, Akshit Mehta - Founder, Vorqspace, Vikas Lakhani - Cofounder, InstaOffice, Karan Virwani - CEO, WeWork India, Shesh Rao Paplikar - CEO, BHIVE Workpsace, Srishti Dhir - Founder, Hub and Oak.  

The IWA with work with synergy to deal with the present crisis caused by corona virus and also to take up the matters of the industry with the government.

As a first step, IWA will work towards getting some help from the government for the industry and try and get waivers for rent from the landlord of the players. IWA has started a dialogue with government authorities including ministries and is working out a formula for some discounts to be availed and then the discounts will be passed one to the clients of these co-working players.