Goel Ganga Developers director Amit Goel booked by Pune Police for rioting, causing hurt

New Delhi: Pune-based Goel Ganga Developers India Pvt Ltd director Amit Goel has been booked by Pune police for rioting and allegedly causing hurt to a man and his family members. Goel has been booked under many serious sections of the Indian Penal Code like 336, 337, 147, 148, 427, 504 and 506, according to a news report in Pune Mirror Newspaper. 

Arif Beg said in his complaint to the Police that about 200 construction workers had illegally entered his plot in Kharadi in Pune and pelted stones and beat him after he protested their illegal entry. The incident happened at Beg Nagar in Kharadi on Monday morning.  

Arif said in his complaint that he has a piece of land in Kharadi which he gave for development to the Goel Ganga Group. He signed an agreement with Goel Ganga Group in 2006 for the development of shops and apartments on his piece of land. He said that it was agreed between both parties that temporary accommodation will be provided to Beg and his family till the development is completed. He said that this accommodation was to remain with the Beg family till Goel Ganga Group handed him the properties as promised in the agreement signed between them.

However, Goel Ganga Group has not completed the construction so far and there is a legal dispute going on between the parties regarding the same in the civil court.

Beg said in his complaint that about 200 workers came to the premises and started barricading the land. That’s when Beg’s family protested but they were abused by the workers. The argument went on and the workers started to pelt stones on the accommodation of Beg’s family. 

Beg said “There were children playing and many women were present when the incident took place. We asked them why they were constructing at our place and the men started to use filthy language and abused us. My sister-in-law and other family members were injured in the incident. In 2017, the corporation court passed an order in our favour, but the developer has harassed us and not removed his encroachment.”