Govt Allows Certain Economic Activities Amid Lockdown, Construction Also Gets Leeway

New Delhi: The government has decided to ease lockdown in certain areas of the country in order to support economic activities with a fouc on job creation. The government has allowed construction of roads and building projects in rural areas.

It has also allowed transportation of all goods without any distinction of essential or non essential. With a view to provide impetus to the fragile rural economy various industries operating in hinterlands, including food processing industries, road construction, irrigation projects, buildings and industrial projects in rural areas; works under MNREGA have been allowed.

The government has allowed manufacturing and industrial establishments with access control in SEZs, EoUs, industrial estates and industrial townships. But this is to be done only after implementation of SOP for social distancing. These measures will create jobs. 

The construction sector laos received some leeway. Construction has been allowed in non-Covid-19 hotspots. But it has been made mandatory that no construction worker will be brought from anywhere. Only those workers who are currently available on the construction site will be able to resume work.

“Considering the ongoing scenario, the move to start at least some of the construction activity on project sites, even with limited workforce, is certainly welcome. That said, since many migrant workers had left for their villages post lockdown 1.0 announcement, we will have to wait and see how many are actually left back to resume work. Migrant workers comprise at least 80% share of the total 44 million workforce in the construction sector currently.That aside, it will definitely help real estate to some extent,” said Anuj Puri, Chairman, ANAROCK Property Consultants.  

“The real estate industry acknowledges the positive impact this will have in handling the migrant crisis and avoid any strain further to the COVID19 a Human -economic crisis. Allowing phase-wise reopening of economic activity with precautions being adhered to is the right step refuel the economic growth trajectory of the country," said Niranjan Hiranandani, NAREDCO National President.

 "The extension of the lockdown until 3rd May by the government reflects the depth of the current crisis and the intent to put up a strong fight against the pandemic. We acknowledge the move. A need of the hour, this second phase of the lockdown will diminish the spread of the virus and arrest contamination. We pledge to continue our fight and support the government in every possible manner, "Ankush Kaul, President (Sales & Marketing) Ambience Group Said.