HDIL's IRP Admits Claims Worth Rs Rs 785 Cr From Home Buyers

New Delhi: The Interim Resolution Professional (IRP) of realty firm HDIL has so far admitted claims from buyers worth Rs 785.13 crore. These claims have been admitted till 28 February 2020 and there will be supplementary lists of other verified claimants.

The interest allowed by the HDIL’s IRP is 8 percent. The amount of Rs 785.13 crore includes interest of Rs 235.37 rore. There principal amount of claims admitted is Rs 545.59 crore while Rs 4.25 corre is provisionally admitted,

The IRP has rejected claims worth Rs 141.7 crore. The names of buyers whose claims have been admitted or rejected have been put up on the website of the company. 

If the IRP has received the claims from buyers after 28 February 2020, such claims may be verified at later date and a separate list of such claims will be published later. The buyers whose claims have been verified are expected to get refunds in about 180 days. They may be offered possession by that time also, as per the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) put by the IRP on the website of HDIL.

Here are the FAQs uploaded by the IRP on the website of the company:

 FAQs for Home Buyers

Ques: How do I know whether my claim is registered or not? 

Ans: Go to http://www.hdil.in/> Investor’s Corner> CIRP> CIRP Announcement> Sr. 11 “Claims of Home Buyers as on 28th January, 2020”. We have uploaded 3 lists of claims for homebuyers, viz.:  Home Buyers Claim – Verified• o If your details are in this list, your claim has been verified and no further action is required until further notice.  Home Buyers Claim – Pending• o If your name is in this list, we have received your claim. o Kindly send the documents requested, if any. o If no document is requested, enquire on 022‐67889000 as per the announcement at Sr. No. 12, hosted on the website.  Claims Rejected• Please check the status of your claim and note down the Claim No. for future reference.

Ques:  My claim doesn’t appear in any of the above lists. What should I do?

Ans: This list is updated as on 28th January, 2020. If we have received your mail after that date, the claim shall be reflected in the upcoming lists. The next list will be uploaded shortly.

Ques: I had submitted my claim before 28th January, 2020. Why doesn’t my name reflect in the list, yet?

Ans: We request you to enquire on 022‐67889000 as per the announcement at Sr. No. 12, hosted on the website.

Ques: By when shall I be expecting refund of my payment / possession of property claimed?

Yes: a. Corporate Insolvency Resolution Process (“CIRP”) has been initiated under Insolvency & Bankruptcy Code, 2016 (“Code”) against the Company, M/s Housing Development & Infrastructure Ltd (“HDIL”). The Code prescribes a period of 180 days (further, upto 90 days, in case of extension, if any) for completion of CIRP.

Ques: Expected date of Resolution?

Ans: Already explained at Sr. no.4 above.

Ques: I want to initiate a cancellation of booking and want immediate refunded the amount already paid. What is the procedure for the same?

Ans:  Refund requests for any amount already paid to HDIL cannot be entertained.