Interview: Corona vaccine next year will give further fillip to realty-Parveen Jain-Tulip Infratech

The expectation of corona vaccine early next year will give further boost the real estate sector which is already recovering well after the lockdown has been eased. In a candid exclusive interview with, Parveen Jain, Vice Chairman, NAREDCO and CMD-Tulip Infratech talks about the latest trends and issues in the real estate sector. Here are the excerpts:

Q) What are the expectations from the festive season this year? Will it be at par with the last year?

The expectations are still ‘great’ irrespective of the corona era which the world is facing this year and yet they might be at par with the last year, the positive pragmatic reason being that people have been waiting for quite a long time for the covid-19 to end and now they have got used to living with the corona times and are waiting for the arrival of the festive season.

Now as the ‘Unlocking’ of almost all aspects of life and work has been taking place, the buyers and investors are again showing interest and are going for the ‘prized possessions’ of their lifetimes. The Covid-19 cannot dampen the spirits of the people forever and after a long wait of the past few months, the expectations from this festive season are high and great.


Q) What are the expectations from 2021?

The expectations from 2021 shall be even more because it is highly expected that the vaccine or cure for corona shall be invented and implemented early next year to put an end to the corona era and life shall come back to normalcy like the pre-corona times. Then, people shall go for the buying spree with even more enthusiasm to make up for the lost times and keeping in mind for a sustainable and secure life and future.

Urbanization, development, sustainability, economics and society are the key words and the Indian Realty sector has the major role to play in taking these major things forward. With the implementation of the major efforts which are being put in to tackle the menace of the corona-pandemic and with sustainable efforts of the Indian Realty sector, the high expectations from 2021 can be materialized into ‘Reality’ by the “Realty’ sector.

Q) What are the changes required from the governments’ side (regulations) that will remove bottlenecks and give further boost to the sector?

Ans If ‘single window clearance’ is implemented for the real estate sector, it can prove to be a boon for the buyers and all stakeholders as it can help in diminishing the unnecessary delay in projects and make the process of clearances much easier and less cumbersome.