Online searches for homes goes up in June 2021

New Delhi: The online searches for homes went up in June 2021 as compared to the previous two months, according to's 'IRIS' which is a monthly index that keeps track record of potential buyers' search activity on portal.

The IRIS shot up 9 points month on month in June. There was a slowdown in number of searches in April and May.

As compared to 2020, the national online search has jumped 26 points, despite lockdown like situation in both periods. The online and offline search trends hint at faster recovery from the impact of the 2nd wave of corona, as against the bounce back seen in the 1st wave, said hruv Agarwala, Group CEO,,

The search trends show that the demand in TierII cities has bounced back faster than in metros, 

"The entire idea behind the launch of IRIS is to present the online residential demand dynamics in a comprehensible format to various stakeholders. In the absence of well-defined data sources, the index brings forth macro and micro level real estate market insights through the knowledge gathered from the search activity of millions of potential homebuyers on the platform.," said Mani Rangarajan, Group COO,, &