Realty projects in UP completing in 2021 & beyond also given 6 month extension

New Delhi: All real estate projects in Uttar Pradesh, about 900 of them, that suffered because of corona pandemic will be given an extension of six months for project completion and not just those projects that were to be completed in 2020. 


This has been announced by UP-Rera Secretary Rajesh Tyagi. 


An extension of the project deadline was made by the state government earlier during the lockdown but that decision was only for the projects that were to be handed over in 2020. Now with this new announcement, all the under-construction projects, whether due to be completed in 2021 or beyond, will be able to get an extension of 6 months in their respective deadlines.

The projects that were “under construction” on 26 March 2020 will now be given extension, as the cut off date has been decided as 25 March 2020. 

“The cut-off date has been decided to be 25 March. Any real estate project that was under construction on 26 March and onwards has been given an extra six months to complete, irrespective of the stage in which the project was at the onset of this policy,” Tyagi said.