Response To Corona Virus Has To Be Collective: Sister Shivani

New Delhi: Due to Corona Virus pandemic, we all are surrounded by negative vibration around us which is creating fear and anxiety within us, we need to understand that it’s a global challenge and the response has to be collective by keeping our environment positive, said eminent spiritual leader, Brahma Kumari Shivani today.

Sister Shivani said that while the air is getting pure but the emotional vibration around us is getting negative and full of stress. We shouldn’t take this stress as normal as this will impact us in the long term. This is a global challenge that we are facing and we need to handle it collectively. We need to separate our minds from this situation and need to change our vocabulary to make our environment positive. We should pray and use positive words to our family, organization member and people around us.

While speaking during a video interactive session on “Reinventing self in current times” organized by PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Sister Shivani said the time between 4-5 am is the best time to energize our mind and creativity. “We should give one hour in the morning for our self and consume positive content. Before sleeping, for 15 minutes we should internalize positive ideas and thoughts and not see any work-related email and messages as it compels our mind to stay overactive and reduce the possibility of proper rest. We should avoid watching television and mobile while having food and have a minimum intake of media daily”, said Sister Shivani.

Understanding that we all are at home, Sister Shanti advised us to eat fresh and healthy homemade cooked and sattvik food and reduce the intake of non-veg food.

Raising concerns over that fact that while India ranks one on the mental health index, over the past one month there is a rise of 20 percent mental health issues, more than 3 lakh cases of child abuse and an increase in the cases of domestic violence during the lockdown period has been recorded. Suggesting that these issues add to the negative vibrations and it is our responsibility to be positive in ourselves and take care of our mental health, said Sister Shivani.

Employers should keep paying salaries without any deduction and constantly motivate their staff and employees because in bad times one should not make life hard for people. Employers should not forget that employees will ultimately pray for the success of the organization, said Sister Shivani.

We need to constantly use of affirmation during this crucial time by self chanting that I am power, I am peaceful, I am fearless, my body is perfect and healthy and will always be, I am safe and secure, my family is safe and secure, my organization is safe, every member of my organization is safe, my country is safe, my wealth is safe, said Sister Shivani.

Sister Shivai emphasized that every organization should circulate this affirmation so that their employees are in positive vibrations and should think that the coming year will be the best year for the organization.

The session commenced with a Bhajan Song sung by Dr. Damini, Member - Brahma Kumaris. The bhajan song illuminated positive vibrations in the environment in the current times of anxiety and uncertainty.

D K Aggarwal, President, PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry, expressed his gratitude and thanked Sister Shivani for her presence during these times of Covid -19.

A 10 minutes’ live meditation session, under the guidance of Sister Shivani was conducted, in which she reiterated the affirmation among all the meditating participants. The session helped participants to get positivity, calmness and attain stronger mental health.

Sanjay Aggarwal, Senior Vice President, PHD Chamber gave a vote of thanks to Sister Shivani and assured that her enlightening guidance will go a long way in helping us reinventing oneself during these times of crises of Covid -19 spread.