Skootr launches offering for large companies to have fixtures in office without owning them

New Delhi: Despite the somewhat gloomy picture painted for them in the short turn, shared office space providers are trying to be relevant and are coming up with new offering. Skootr, one such player, has just launched ‘Skootr FinSave’ to offer real estate leasing options to large and medium companies.

The new brand offering will provide fit-out in the offices which will let the tenants to enjoy such fixtures without owning them. This will also help the tenant companies in tax arbitrage leading to better financial ratios.

"With introduction of Skoor Finsave, we are aiming to redefine the office leasing ecosystem through complete asset lifecycle solutions services," said Rajat Johar, Country Head, Skootr, in a statement. 

Rahul Sarin has been appointed national business head of the new brand.