This builder secures bail but will remain in jail

New Delhi: The Gujarat High Court has granted bail to Dashrath Patel and Raman Patel, directors of beleaguered Popular Builders, in a case related to usurping of a land parcel worth Rs 3 crore in Ahmedabad.

The advocates of Patels requested the court to grant bail arguing that the dispute between the two parties (Popular Builders and the tenant) relates to some stipulations in the rent deed. They also said that the entire matter is pending before the civil court and therefore they must be released on bail.

The public prosecutor, on the other hand, said that the Patels had intentionally usurped the property under the pretext of provisions of the rent deed. Hence, the bail should be rejected.

The Patels have been ordered to be released on furnishing of a bail bond of Rs 15,000. But the Patels cannot be released from jail as they are facing many other charges like attempt to murder, criminal conspiracy filed against them by Raman’s daughter in law.

Patels have been also been arrested in charges related to cheating, and land grabbing.