Top cities in India to add 10 million sq ft data centre space in 2-3 yrs

New Delhi: The top eight cities in the country will add about 10 million square feet of data centre space in the coming 2-3 years with Chennai, Mumbai, Hyderabad and Bengaluru accounting for most of the new addition.

There is a potential to earn about 10-14 percent rental yield per annum through data centre spaces, according to a report by ANARCOK Property Consultants.

There is already about 7.5 million square feet space in the top eight cities.

India is, in a way, the ‘back-office of the world garnering 55 percent of the global market share of servicing business. Not just that, India also has the world’s third largest start-up ecosystem. These factors will fuel the demand for data centers in Inda.

India also has at young and growing population. According to the last census, country’s youth population was 19.1 percent of the overall population and this is expected to jump to 34.33 percent of the total by 2020. Industry 4.0 is developing and coming around in the country that focuses majorly on digitalization, interconnectivity and automation. These factors too will fuel the demand for data centers in the country.