Top Safety Features To Consider Before Buying Home-Amandeep-Godrej Properties

By--Amandeep Singh, Zonal CEO- East, West, Godrej Properties Ltd.

As the Indian real estate industry evolves through an acclimated economy, homebuyers across urban cities are purchasing properties as it imparts a sense of security and permanence. Homeownership is the sturdiest safety anchor one can have, and this realization has sparked a substantial demand for homes, especially in metropolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, and Pune. While most homebuyers and fence-sitters have already embarked on their house-hunting journey, it is observed that safety and security is their highest concern and a critical need. 

There are numerous factors that one needs to take into account while purchasing a new home. Considering the prevailing pandemic, a lot of people are confined within the four walls of their homes, and it is imperative to ensure utmost safety and vigilance in case of an emergency. In lieu of the same, developers are going the extra mile to encapsulate all-around safety systems and protocols to ensure that the residents are perpetually safe and secured. 

Below mentioned are a few crucial factors one should keep a solid eye on while looking for homes, considering the Safety and Security aspects:

1 Safe and Sound Neighbourhood: A well-connected location in a secured zone is key while purchasing a home. As per individual preferences, one may want a prime location or a tranquil one in the suburb; however, it is necessary to know what lies close to the locality. Homebuyers should research well and confirm the safety and security quotient of the locality. Check up on the crime rate in the area, how the neighbours and community generally are, their activities, and how it is in terms of holistic security features. Even if the new home is well fitted in the budget, the area might be vulnerable, so it is necessary to take burglary and noise levels into account as well, from the rail, heavy vehicles, or any kind of construction happening around in the area.

2 New Age Home Safety features: Post ensuring the area's safety and security; one should notice beyond the look of the house, check for every tiny and minute detail, and thoroughly inspect the same. Many developers are going beyond the usual and providing extra safety features keeping in mind specific requirements. For instance, if there are senior citizens, there can be emergency buttons, video door intercoms, motion-sensitive lights, bathroom grab bars, doors with alarms, lower thresholds, etc. There can be child locks, smoke detectors, and cameras that can be operated through mobile apps for children in the house. Furthermore, several residential complexes offer health solutions by installing health tech features such as turnstile sanitizers, homes with UV cases, air purification systems, sanitized entryways, etc.

3 Secure-Proof your Home: Once the final decision is being made, it is vital to take all necessary steps to ensure the safety of loved ones. Whether one decides to live in a gated community or an apartment, make it a point to ensure that the entry and exit points have qualified personnels and appropriate security systems in and around the area. Well-equipped lighting, 24/7 security, a pre-fitted surveillance system, and multiple other smart security functions can be installed as well. Certify that the future home of your dream is safe with regards to the roof condition, foundational damages, disaster-proof, water damage, etc. Schedule emergency drills and ensure people of all ages know the basic features of all security services and systems so that they are always well prepared.

Home buying has always been influenced by numerous factors, which largely include location and cost appreciation. Conversely, most potential homebuyers who purchase homes for their end-use are now more inclined towards safety and security features as they are more conscious about the safety and well-being of their loved ones. With such an abode, one can be rest assured about their secured lifestyle, keep their major worries to rest, and peacefully lead a comfortable and happy life in the long run.