Travails With Airtel Internet Distributor

Airtel Internet User beware.

New Delhi: Below is the actual account of Airtel Broadband customer with one of the distributor of Airtel:

The internet connection goes off at 3 pm on 21 July 2021 at one of the customer's home. There is no message from Airtel about internet outage hence the customer knows from past experience that the problem is very local and not from the server of the Airtel. The customer calls the local distributor at 5.35 pm on 21 July 2021 to rectify the problem.

The distributor says that he will have a look into the issue.

At 6.15 pm, the customer calls the distributor again to know when the problem will be corrected, fearing that the workers will go away for the day in a few minutes and the problem will persist till the next day.  The distributor assures that the workers work till 8 pm and he will have the problem corrected on 21 July itself.  

The customer does not call the distributor again 21 July. He waits till 10 am on 22 July and calls the distributor again. The distributor says he had the workers look into the  problem on 21 July itself and the problem is with the cable running till the home of the customers because of the construction on going on  next to the customer’s home. He also says that the entre cable will be changed by 2 pm on 22 July.

When there was no rectification of the problem till 2.15 pm on 22 July, the customer calls up the distributor again. The distributor says that the workers are looking into the problem  and it will be will be corrected in no time.

When the problem persisted till 3.45 pm, the customer calls the distributor again. The distributor did not even listen to the customer but only saud he will call back the customer “in 5 minutes”.

The customer waited will 4.25pm and fearing the problem will not be corrected even on 22 July since it was nearing the end of the working day, he calls up the an Airtel service engineer by the name of Gyan. Gyan takes the customer and distributor on conference calls and asks the distributor the problem. Now the distributor tells “the power has dipped”. The customer asks the distributor and that he was told the problem was with the damage in cable, the distributor fumbles and says his workers on lunch and will look into the problem as soon as they come back from lunch.

At 5 pm on 22 July, the distributor sends a worker to the home of the customer to check the line. The customer asked the distributor that the cable has not been changed what was the point of checking the line for internet. To this, the distributor says “I am seeing if the problem can be corrected without changing the cable”. Then the distributor and his worker talk on phone and correct the problem in couple of minutes, without changing the cable at all.

This means the distributor was fooling customer that the cable was damaged. The customer is bound to assume that the distributors of Airtel try to fool other customers without any attempt to correct the actual problem.

An email sent to the company seeking any comments as to how Airtel is taking any steps so that such distributors of Airtel behave in a professional manner did not elicit any response. 

This behavior of the distributor for this customer has come after numerous outages of internet at the server levels. On occasions, the internet was out for weeks together from the server itself.