UP-RERA Deregisters 43 Projects of Amrapali Grp

New Delhi: The Uttar Pradesh Real Estate Regulatory Authority (UP-RERA) has deregistered 43 projects belonging to the Amrapali Group. The authority has also ordered closing down of the bank accounts of these projects. 

In its meeting held recently, UP-RERA also decided to inform RERA authorities of other states and union territories about deregistration of these projects. 

The names of promoters of these projects have also been added to the defaulter list of UP-RERA.

These projects are:  

1 Centurian Park Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ11256

2 Dream Valley-1 (Villa) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13954

3 Dream Valley-2, Phase-1 (A1 to A7 ) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13966

4 Dream Valley-2, Phase-2 (B5, B6, C1 To C5, C11 & C12) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13968

5 Dream Valley-2, Phase 3 (C6 to C10) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13960

6 Dream Valley-2, Phase-4 (D1,D2, E1 TO E8) Rera ID-UPRERAPRI13972

7 Dream Valley-2, Phase-s (B1TO B4 & F1 to F12) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13976

8 Enchante (H5 TO H9) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13977

9 Amrapali Kanha Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14163

10 Amrapali Leisure Park- Phase-1 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13965

11 Amrapali Lclsure Park- Phase-2  Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13978

12 Amrapali Leisure Park- Phase-3 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJl3980

13 Amrapali Leisure Park- Phase-4 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13983

14 Amrapali Leisure Park- Phate-5 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13985

15 Amrapali Leisure Park- Phase-6 Rera ID-UPRERAPRI13987

16 Amrapali River View Plaza Phase- 7 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13992

17 Amrapali Leisure Valley Phase 2 Villa B1 to B29 to B229 and B 437 to B 460 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 14099

18 Amrapali Leisure Valley Phase 3 Villa B 230 B 385 and B 408 B 436 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ1441O2

19 Amrapali Leisure Valley Phase-1 VillaA1toA230 and A 435 to 456 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14088

20 Amrapali Leisure Valley Phase-4 Villa A 231 and A 434 UPRERAPRJ14104

21 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 10 Tower S, T, U V, Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14111

22 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 11 Tower A1,B1,C1 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14112

23 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 12 Tower D1,E1,F1,G1,H1 Rera ID-UPRERAPR.J14113

24 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 6 Tower F,G,H,J,K Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14107

25 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 7 Tower L, M, N Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14108

26 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 8 Tower W,X,Y,Z  Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14109

27 Amrapali Leisure Valley Verona Height Phase 9 Tower P,Q,R Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14110 

28 Amrapali Lelsure Valley Verona Height Phase-5 Tower A,B,C,D,E Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14106

29 Amrapali Princely Estate Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13954

30 Amrapali Sapphire (Phase 2) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ 13871

31 Amrapali Crystal Homes PHASE-l Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14023

32 Amrapali Crystal Homes PHASE-2 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14077

33 Amrapali Silicon City PHASE-l Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14064

34 Amrapali Silicon City PHASE-2 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ14070

35 Golf Home Phase-v (K1TO K9) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13997

36 Golf home Phase-Vl (L1TO L9) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13998

37 Golf home Phase-Vll(M1 TO M5, M9) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13999

38 Golf Homes Phase-l (A1To A7) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13993

39 6olf Homes Phase-ll (B1To B5) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13994

40 Golf Homes Phase-lll (C1To C5) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13995

41 Kingswood Phase-lV {D1To D5, J1 TO J9, M7, M8) Rera ID-UPRERAPRJ13996

42 Hearthbeat City-1 Rera ID-UPRERAPRJl2202

43 Heartbeat City-2 Rera ID-UPRERAPRI13921  

While Amraplai Kanha Project is in Mathura, all other projects are in Gautam Budh Nagar. 

The decision to deregister these projects has been taken by UP-RERA in compliance with a judgment of Supreme Court in the Vikram Chatterjee and others versus Union of India and others case.