What Are Your Rights As A Tenant Of Residential Property?

A tenant has some important rights enshrined in law and cannot be taken for granted by the landlord. The tenant has many avenues to approach in case the landlord is violating any of the provisions of law in relation to the tenancy. A lease deed once signed between the tenant and landlord becomes a legally binding contract between both parties and endows whole lot of rights to the tenants which are listed below:

1 The tenant has a right to receive basic essential services like water  and electricity and the landlord cannot disconnect these services even if the rent is due. In case the landlord disconnects these services, the tenant can file a complaint with the Rent Control Court.

2 The tenant can rightfully get safe and peaceful house and the landlord must ensure that the house is not in a risky or dangerous condition which can potentially injure the tenant.

3 The tenant has almost complete right to privacy. The landlord cannot get in the rented house without giving prior intimation. 

4 If the landlord wants to get the rented house vacated, then he/she has to file a plea in the Rent Control Court for the same. The court will then lay down the procedure for vacating the house by the tenant. The landlord has to prove to the Court that the tenant is a nuisance or he/she requires the house for personal purpose or there is willful non-payment of rent by the tenant or the tenant has sub-let the house without the permission of the landlord.  

5 The tenant has to be given proper notice for the termination of tenancy. The landlord has to refund the security deposit to the tenant at the time of tenant vacating the premises or the security amount can be adjusted towards the rent, as mutually agreed upon.

6 If the tenant has undertaken any major repair in the house then the landlord has to reimburse the tenant for such work. 

7  The legal heirs of the tenant cannot be evicted by the landlord for the rented house as the heirs are covered by the Rent Control Act.