Youtube videos surface for alleged frauds by Car24

Guwahati: A number of videos have surfaced on Youtube about the alleged frauds committed by used car dealer Cars24. Prominent among them is a series os of videos done by content creator ‘Sanscari Sumit’ who details all the alleged frauds committed by the Gurgaon-based Cars24. In his multi-part series, Sanscari Sumit explains how the customers are allegedly lured by the company by showing the customer really low prices of vehicles and then an advance is taken by Cars 24 and then the prices of the car are allegedly jacked up after taking advance from the customer.

In his videos, Sanscari Sumit claims to have many emails and messages from the victims of Cars24 who have explained their ordeal to him. He claims to have received emails from a victim of Cars 24 who had an FIR in his name one year after selling off the car to Cars24 for a crime committed by the new car buyer. Sanscari Sumit also explains how allegedly many tricks are played by the company to “lure” the customers. 

Sanscari Sumit also alleged that ever since he has uploaded the videos exposing Cars 24, he has been received phone calls from abusive callers and also threats.

Cars 24 was also in news in 2019 when many of the landlords of offices of Cars24 had sent legal notices to the company for not paying rents and violating the legal agreements with them. The company, founded by Vikram Chopra and Mehul Agrawal, had to close down over a dozen offices for not paying rents and violating lease agreements then, according to media reports. 

Thousands of complains have also surfaced against the used car dealer on consumer complaint forums like, and  

It comes as a surprise to many that cricketer M S Dhoni, who has earned a good name for himself in sporting and personal life, has invested in a company like this.